A Research Study That Reveals How Marketers Are Telling Their Brand Story In Today's Retail and E-tail World.

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Learn how marketers are adapting to new brand storytelling opportunities

Consumer-brand relationships, brand storytelling, marketing priorities, and the dynamic between brick-and-mortar and online retail are central to business strategies.

Learn how your peers and competitors are navigating this journey, what marketing
initiatives they prioritize, and their biggest challenges in getting it all done.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Do B2C organizations truly embrace the power of data and brand storytelling? 
  2. What challenges do these organizations grapple with in a retail landscape dramatically impacted by the e-commerce surge? 
  3. How can brick-and-mortar stores contribute to brand narratives and online retail strategies?
  4. What marketing initiatives have been top priorities for B2C brands this year? 


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"This report was enlightening and made me feel better about where my team and I are at currently as we try and figure out how to tell a cohesive brand story across brick-and-mortar and online"

VP of Marketing

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